OM 2002: Neuroscience System II

Class Program
Credits 4

The Neuroscience System II course is designed to use neuroanatomy and neurophysiology basic science information presented in Year 1 to underpin a comprehensive overview of neuropathology, including both non-neoplastic and neoplastic diseases. Neuroanatomy, neurophysiology, clinical neurology, and neurosurgical applications are integrated to build the clinical framework necessary to succeed during Year 3 and Year 4 clinical rotations. Relevant and necessary neurohistology, neuroembryology, and neuroradiology are discussed. Course content will be supplied by faculty in the Departments of Anatomical Sciences, Biomedical Sciences, and Medical Humanities, as well as by content experts from the medical community.

IPE Grand Rounds Session Description 

The Neuroscience System II course is host to an IPE Grand Rounds session. IPE Grand Rounds sessions engage second year RVU-COM students, patients, and diverse healthcare professionals in interprofessional discussions of cases consistent with the systems courses in which students are concurrently enrolled. All IPE Grand Rounds sessions are moderated panel discussions of case studies and patient narratives in which healthcare providers from diverse healthcare professions discuss their respective approaches to diagnosing, treating or preventing the condition(s) contained in the case. At the conclusion of the sessions, students will have an enhanced understanding of how diverse healthcare professionals can collaborate in the delivery of coordinated, integrated and cost-effective patient care.


Successful completion of all Year 1 coursework