OM 2008: Endocrine System II

Class Program
Credits 3

The Endocrine System II course will review the basic principles of endocrine hormone signaling, storage, secretion and action.  Abnormalities in normal endocrine physiology will be discussed through pathophysiologic correlations and clinical discussions.  The course will emphasize the hypothalamic/pituitary complex, thyroid, parathyroid, adrenal, and endocrine functions of the pancreas. Students are expected to be familiar with the hypofunctioning or hyperfunctioning of key endocrine glands, the structure, secretion and action of endocrine hormones (peptide, steroid and thyroid hormones), and the major clinical endocrine disorders related thereto.  Pharmacology as it relates to hormone secretion and action will be discussed. Emphasis will be placed on understanding the pathophysiology of each endocrine gland with the intent to use the general principles of endocrine pathophysiology and pharmacology to effectively diagnose, manage and care for patients with endocrine disorders.

IPE Grand Rounds Session Description  

The Endocrine II course is host to an IPE Grand Rounds session. IPE Grand Rounds sessions engage second year RVU-COM students, patients, and diverse healthcare professionals in interprofessional discussions of cases consistent with the systems courses in which students are concurrently enrolled. All IPE Grand Rounds sessions are 90-minute, moderated panel discussions of case studies and patient narratives in which healthcare providers from diverse healthcare professions discuss their respective approaches to diagnosing, treating or preventing the condition(s) contained in the case.  At the conclusion of the sessions, students will have an enhanced understanding of how diverse healthcare professionals can collaborate in the delivery of coordinated, integrated and cost-effective patient care.  


Successful completion of all Year 1 coursework