OM 2018: Principles of Clinical Medicine III

Class Program
Credits 4

Principles of Clinical Medicine III is the third part of a four-part Clinical Medicine Course that will be coordinated with the systems courses.  The course is specifically designed to prepare each student for active participation during clinical education years three and four.  Required elements of this preparation will help expand application of knowledge gained through the systems and other courses as well as applied experiences that develop the skills and attributes of a physician. These elements will include: performance of a focused history and physical examination, enhancing development of differential diagnosis, deciding on further diagnostic and therapeutic interventions, refining of verbal case presentations, expanding documentation skills, learning how to discuss clinical topics that may be encountered during clinical rotations, appropriate use of clinical ultrasound, and exposure to a variety of basic medical procedures.  The course teaches and requires demonstration critical thinking, and will allow the student to develop accountability and self-directed learning skills.