PAS 5262: Supervised Clinical Practice II

Class Program
Credits 14

The learner will participate in supervised clinical practice experiences (SCPEs) across a variety of settings including in-patient, emergency department, and operating room. The learner will be exposed to patients across the lifespan and provide preventive, emergent, acute, and chronic care to diverse populations requiring a wide range of healthcare. Learners will be required to complete clinical rotation experiences in the following disciplines or settings: Family Medicine, Internal Medicine, Pediatrics, General Surgery, Emergency Department, Behavioral Health and Women's Health.

Learners will work under the supervision of a Program-determined preceptor or their designee(s). The learner should prioritize gaining knowledge about evaluation and management of common conditions encountered within each clinical setting or discipline. The instructional knowledge objectives should guide the learner’s preparation for the End of Rotation (EOR) examinations. While not all diseases or conditions will be seen during clinical rotations, learners are responsible for studying each area outlined in the objectives, and in preparation for the EOR examinations. The instructional skills and attitude objectives should guide the learner regarding expected level of participation and professional conduct. (EPAs 1-13)