Post-Exam Reviews

Post-Exam Reviews (PERs) are held for nearly every major exam.  Students will receive access to their exam with the results, which cannot leave the classroom. No writing tools of any kind are allowed in the PER. Students are never allowed to copy questions or take notes at a PER. No laptops or cell phones are permitted at the PER. Leave bags, backpacks, etc. outside the classroom. PERs are scheduled for various lengths of time, depending on the length of the exam(s) to be reviewed. Students who arrive more than 15 minutes after a PER starts will not be admitted. PERs constitute a learning opportunity designed to help students review concepts they may have found challenging. PERs are a privilege. Students are expected to be respectful to faculty conducting PERs. PER format is subject to change, including cancellation, at the discretion of the MSBS Steering Committee or the Program Director. If circumstances require remote format, PERs will be modified to best provide feedback to students while maintaining exam item security.