Program Responsibilities with Regard to Clinical Sites

  1. The Program is responsible for coordinating (identifying, contacting, and evaluating) and assigning all student supervised clinical practice experiences. 
  2. The Program will provide clinical site learning objectives to preceptors and students. 
  3. The University and Program is committed to serving the medically underserved population. The Program strives to place students in clinical experiences that will expose them to the needs of the underserved. 
  4. The Program may remove the student from any site if the Program believes the site no longer can meet Program expectations or policies. 
  5. The Program will remove any student from a clinical experience at the request of the preceptor when it is deemed that the student's work, conduct, or health is considered unsafe or detrimental to patients or the practice site. 
  6. The Program will determine the final grades for students in the clinical year.