Rocky Vista University/Colorado State University Department of Biomedical Sciences (CSU-BMS)

RVUCOM will hold up to six seats each year for CSU-BMS students. To be considered for admission, students must:

  • Meet the minimum admissions requirements set forth by RVUCOM;

  • Have completed the BMS Master’s program course requirements;

  • Have achieved a minimum GPA of 3.4 in the BMS Master’s Program;

  • Complete an AACOMAS application prior to March 15, 2022 (candidates will NOT have to submit a supplemental application); and

  • Receive letters of recommendation from the BMS Master’s program and a physician.

CSU-BMS will recommend students to RVUCOM in May of 2022 after the completion of the BMS Master’s Program course requirements.  The students will be required to attend an information session at RVUCOM but will not be required to interview.