Course Code Prefix Guide

Subject Area Course Prefix
Academic Medicine and Leadership AML
Anatomy ANT
Anesthesiology ANE
Biomedical Sciences BMS
Critical Care CRT
Dermatology DRM
Emergency Medicine EMR
Family Medicine FAM
Global Health GLB
Humanities HUM
Integrative Medicine Training IMT
Internal Medicine INT
Interprofessional Education IPE
Long Term Care LTC
Medicine - General MED
Military MIL
Neurology NEU
Ophthalmology OPH
Orthopedics ORT
Osteopathic Medicine OM
Osteopathic Manipulative Medicinde OMM
Osteopathic Principles and Practice OST
Pathology PTH
Pediatrics PED
Physician Assistant PAS
Physician Science PHY
Psychiatry BHM/PSY
Radiology RAD
Research RSH
Rural and Wilderness Medicine RWM
Surgery SRG
Trauma TRM
Urban Underserved Medicine URB
Urgent Care URG
Urology URO
Women's Health  WMN
Wound Care WND