Mental Health and Wellness Services

All students and their household have access to a variety of mental health and wellness services, including:

  • 24/7 access to a mental health clinician by calling 866-640-4777;
  • Individual counseling/therapy;
  • Couple counseling;
  • Group counseling/therapy driven by need and interest;
  • Legal consultation;
  • Health coaching;
  • Financial Coaching;
  • Help finding resources such as housing, childcare, and health services; and
  • Psychoeducational and mental health outreach programming to support mental health and wellness.

Information about mental health and wellness services is maintained on the RVU website Some services are provided through RVU’s contract with WellConnect.  All services provided by RVU Mental Health and Wellness and WellConnect are available at no cost, and all treatment services are confidential, in accordance with applicable law, and not part of the student academic record. For concerns outside the scope of practice of RVU Mental Health and Wellness and WellConnect, individuals can receive a referral to services in the community. When receiving community services, individuals and their personal health insurance are responsible for all fees that are incurred through the utilization of such services.

Colorado Physician Health Program
(303) 860-0122;
899 Logan Street, Suite 410, Denver, CO

The Colorado Physician Health Program (CPHP) is a nonprofit organization, independent of other medical organizations and the government. CPHP provides peer assistance services for licensed physicians and physician assistants of Colorado as well as medical students and physician assistant students in Colorado. CPHP clients have assured confidentiality as required by law or regulation. Peer assistance services aid individuals who have any health problems such as emotional, psychological, or medical problems. For example, CPHP assists its clients with medical and/or psychiatric conditions (e.g. Alzheimer’s disease, HIV infection, depression or substance abuse) as well as psychosocial conditions (e.g. family problems or stress related to work or professional liability difficulties). CPHP provides diagnostic evaluation, treatment referral, and treatment monitoring and support services. CPHP believes that early intervention and evaluation offer the best opportunity for a successful outcome and preventing the health condition from needlessly interfering with medical practice.