Student Postoperative Assessment of Patients

  • The Student should complete a postoperative assessment of patients for whom he or she participated in the anesthetic delivery.
  • Postoperative assessment should, at a minimum, include a review of the patient’s respiratory rate, percent oxygen saturation, airway patency, heart rate, blood pressure, temperature, level of consciousness, presence of pain, presence of nausea/vomiting, and the amount of postoperative hydration.
  • Postoperative assessment should be completed on the appropriate form with the CRNA or Anesthesiologist. This requires his or her signature per CMS requirements. Trainees will remain with the patient until authorized to depart.
  • Any questions or concerns arising from the postoperative assessment should be discussed with a CRNA or Anesthesiologist.
  • The student’s findings during the postoperative assessment should be discussed with the assigned CRNA or Anesthesiologist to tailor future anesthetics to evidence-based practice.
  • Time spent performing a postoperative assessment should be documented in the electronic case record.