Student Professionalism Concerns

Professional conduct includes incidents that affect not only one’s ability to practice, but also the reputation of the RVU PA Program and the image of its students. Student concerns related to professionalism will be brought to the Student Assessment and Promotions Committee (SAPC) for review. 

When a student receives corrective action related to professional behaviors, the SAPC reviews that student’s entire academic record in detail and may impose remedial action (refer to section “Student Progress/Performance”) At the conclusion of the semester for which the corrective action was given, the SAPC will again review the student’s entire academic record in detail and decide on one of the following courses of action: 

If the professionalism concern was corrected with no further breaches, the disposition of corrective action will be up-dated to “resolved”.  
If the professionalism concern was not corrected or further professionalism breaches occur over the course of the Program, the disposition of the corrective action will be “unresolved” in the student file and may be referenced as part of the credentialing and  privileges processes, as well as Program reference letters.  Students with repeated breaches in professionalism, or who cannot correct behaviors after written notification, may be dismissed from the Program.