Student Removal from Clinical Practicum

  • A student may be removed from a clinical practicum area by the CRNA or DNAP faculty if it is determined that the student is:
    • Not appropriately prepared for a case and/or
    • Presents a patient safety threat and/or
    • Is judged to interfere with the normal operation of the clinical practicum site and/or
    • Is determined to be in violation of DNAP and/or clinical policy and/or procedure.
  • The CRNA or physician anesthesiologist preceptor and student shall notify the DNAP program office as soon as possible.
  • The circumstances shall be reviewed by the Program Director and/or Assistant Program Director.
  • If appropriate (as determined by the Program Director or Assistant Program Director), the issue may be forwarded to the DNAP Student Performance Committee (DNAP-SPC).