Student Responsibility to Obtain Information

Each student enrolled in RVU is individually responsible for knowledge of the current academic regulations, general and specific requirements, the operational policies, any changes to current or newly-published policy or procedures, and any other official documents or announcements of the University.

Students are responsible for remaining aware of educational obligations (e.g. their grades, the procedures for remediation, the times and locations of all examinations or laboratory sessions, the time and location of clinical clerkships). Students are also responsible for being aware of and meeting all deadlines.  

Official University communications include, but are not limited to, email and written notices. All students are required to maintain and access their University email account daily for any communications that have been sent. The University may send communications via email, U.S. mail, and/or registered/certified mail at its discretion. The student is responsible to maintain their correct address with the Office of the Registrar. Failure to receive communications from the University (email, regular mail, certified mail, registered mail, etc.) does not relieve the student of her/his duties and obligations that are included in any and all communications.