A Message from the Provost

Edward Bilsky

Welcome back returning students, and a warm welcome to the entering classes for this upcoming Academic Year!

As I approach a full year as Provost and Chief Academic Officer at Rocky Vista University (RVU) I am filled with a sense of gratitude.  I have been fortunate to spend most of my career in higher education affiliated with universities that have vibrant colleges of osteopathic medicine along with outstanding graduate health science programs. I bring experience and expertise that will further contribute to the RVU mission, vision, and strategic plan.

The Office of the Provost directly oversees all academic programs along with many of the offices and departments that support the colleges, programs, and student services. Please feel free to engage with me on topics related to the academic environment. I meet regularly with student groups and attend events on all three of our campuses. I hope to talk with as many of you as I can. Please also rely on each other to not only help navigate the rigorous curricula, but to maintain your health and wellness. Utilize this peer network along with the variety of offices and services that are here to support you and your education. Be proactive and seek help and guidance from the faculty and staff.

RVU’s core values initially attracted my attention, and our diverse community and dynamic educational programs solidified my decision to accept the position of Provost. One of the core values of the institution is Excellence and “the commitment to exceed expectations in education.” The student success outcomes in each of RVU’s established programs demonstrates the quality of the faculty and staff who work together to support your education and the attainment of your long-term career goals.

Compassion and Service are additional core values of RVU. I have been fortunate to observe first-hand the work our students do in the community.  Various co-curricular and extracurricular activities contribute to experiential learning and hone your innate level of empathy and compassion towards fellow human beings. Our RVU community embraces diversity and understands the importance of inclusive excellence as we treat all members of our society with respect, equity, and dignity. Our three distinct campuses and the unique communities they serve further enrich the diversity of RVU.

The RVU educational experience has many innovative features, including tracks and electives that allow customization of your education, the use of cutting-edge technology that is integrated into the classroom and laboratories, and the ability to conduct original research and scholarship alongside faculty mentors. I encourage you to fully explore and contribute to the innovative culture of RVU.

Rocky Vista University is a dynamic institution, and you are witnessing the exciting growth of the campuses. We are further investing in existing programs while starting new ones that will contribute to the interprofessional education experience. In 2023, we launched a journal (Articulate) in which you will have the opportunity to submit original scholarship that will go through a peer-reviewed process.

Our RVU Student Handbook and Catalog is a resource to help you navigate these services and work within the structure of the institution. Please familiarize yourself with the contents and utilize it as a resource when questions arise on a policy or procedure.

Wishing each of you a successful year ahead. 

With respect and sincerity,

Ed Bilsky, Ph.D.
Provost and Chief Academic Officer
Professor of Neuroscience and Pharmacology
Rocky Vista University