Rocky Vista University shares many of the same interests and concerns as other colleges and communities, including a concern about crime. The University has been fortunate not to have experienced a significant number of crimes, but one should not be misled into thinking the campus is crime-free. There is always the possibility of a criminal act occurring against a member of the RVU community despite the best efforts of the Safety and Security Department and the administrative staff. A truly safe campus can only be achieved through the shared responsibility of all members of the RVU community.

The University is committed to maintaining a safe environment to support a healthy, learning-centered campus. This commitment includes making necessary physical improvements that promote safety and well-being; the revision and updating of policies, procedures, and rules; and an obligation to hold accountable those who choose to commit crimes or violate rules and regulations.

Every student, faculty, staff member, and visitor has an individual responsibility to be aware of their personal safety, to properly utilize college resources, to make positive choices, and to use common sense. Crimes, violations, hate crimes, suspicious persons or activity, and safety issues should be reported upon discovery through the appropriate channels as described in this Handbook. Please take the time to familiarize yourself with the emergency procedures and the important information on the website. Updates, timely warnings, and important information regarding safety on campus will be communicated by emails, fliers, TV monitors, and other presentations. 

For more information, view the RVU Annual Security Report.

To obtain a copy of the Daily Crime Log, please visit the Security Office on either campus.