Reservation of Power

The RVU Student Handbook and Catalog is a reference guide to provide students with important information about policies, procedures, requirements, and services. The Handbook is available online at This Handbook is not intended to be a contract nor part of a contractual agreement between the University and the student. Each edition of the RVU Student Handbook and Catalog supersedes all previous handbooks. Failure to read the Handbook and to be familiar with the rules, policies, and procedures contained in it does not excuse the student from being required to comply with the stated provisions. 

Rocky Vista University reserves the rights to amend, modify, add to, or delete information contained within the RVU Student Handbook and Catalog at any time without notice. Such changes may include, but are not limited to, changes in tuition and/or fees, academic requirements, curriculum, policies, and responsibilities of the student.

Please note: at times, specific program policies will be more stringent than University policies. Students are required to follow program policies first. In the event the issue can't be resolved at the program level, it will be addressed at the University level by the Provost, whose decision is final.


This Handbook may not contain all policies applicable to RVU students. If you are searching for a policy that is not found in this Handbook, please contact the Compliance Office or Student Affairs for assistance or visit DynamicPolicy for a list of policies by category.