Student Complaints

It is RVU campus policy that all students at all times have the right to lodge a complaint or grievance or appeal that they deem important without fear of retaliation of any sort or any other adverse consequence as a result of doing so.

RVU provides the opportunity for students to resolve conflicts and/or related complaints using two levels, informal or formal, or both. Students may elect the avenue that serves their specific needs most appropriately, although some matters may not be available via the informal process. The recommended general strategy is to first contact the specific individuals or units most directly connected with the issue at hand unless there are good reasons for not doing so, such as issues related to alleged sexual misconduct. The Associate/Assistant Dean of Student Affairs can provide guidance on complaint protocol and potential resolution. 

The informal resolution process is designed to resolve problems for students having difficulty with other students, staff, or campus procedures short of written complaints, investigation, and disciplinary action. This process may involve mediation or discussion with the respondent and does not involve a written, formal complaint. This process should not be used for complaints involving academic, disability, discrimination, and/or racial or sexual harassment issues.  

The formal complaint procedure is designed to resolve problems for students who are having difficulty with other students, faculty, staff, or processes that cannot be resolved through the informal resolution process, or for students who choose to have an investigation and adjudication in a formal setting. This procedure entails a complaint filing through EthicsPoint online via the web at or by calling 844-936-2729. Complaints may be filed anonymously, but remaining anonymous may impair a resolution if your identity is needed to resolve a complaint. 

Details on the Student Complaints and Grievance Procedures, as well as the complaint form, are available on the website and the student portal (MyVista). Assistance is also available from the Associate/Assistant Dean of Student Affairs.

Student Complaints to Accrediting Bodies

Students may file a complaint with the University’s accrediting bodies by contacting the following agencies:

Higher Learning Commission (HLC)
230 S. LaSalle Street; Suite 7-500; Chicago, IL 60604
Phone: (800) 621-7440

Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies
1560 Broadway, Suite 110, Denver, CO 80202
Phone: (800) 886-7675

Utah Department of Commerce, Division of Consumer Protection
P.O. Box 146704, Salt Lake City, UT 84114
Phone: (801) 530-6601

Commission on Osteopathic College Accreditation of the American Osteopathic Association 
142 East Ontario Street, Chicago, IL 60611-2864
Phone: (312) 202-8048

3325 Paddocks Parkway, Suite 345
Suwanee, Georgia  30024
Phone: 770.476.1224
Fax: 470.253.8271

U.S. Department of Education 
Office for Civil Rights