Student Confidentiality and Conflict of Interest

In compliance with the COCA, HLC, and ARC-PA relevant accreditation regulations, RVU is committed to ensuring the prevention of potential conflicts of interest for student academic advancement and the protection of student confidentiality in the clinical setting. Students seeking healthcare will not be placed in a position in which they could potentially be treated by any faculty or staff that have authority over their educational pursuits. Authority over a student’s educational pursuits at RVU is defined by those RVU personnel who, including but not limited to, determine grades, ongoing status of academic standing, and academic advancement within the Program, College, or University, such as Deans, Program Directors, Department Directors, Course Directors or any other faculty who may have grading authority. Medical providers in any of the aforementioned roles will be precluded from providing medical care for a student unless specifically requested by the student. Neither the principal faculty of the COM, MSBS, or PA program, the PA or MSBS program directors, nor the COM or PA program medical directors will serve as healthcare providers for students. In all cases of emergency, care is provided by another faculty member or medical personnel. Further, RVU students participating in clinical training will not be involved in the medical care of other students, unless expressed permission is individually obtained from the student patient. Patient confidentially will be guaranteed for all RVU students in all clinical settings.