Writing Center

The RVU Writing Center integrates with the curriculum through written assignments and reflections. The Writing Center supports faculty and students alike through one-on-one and small group meetings, offering guidance across all stages of the writing process. Through audience and genre centered instruction, specific feedback, and access to resources, the RVU Writing Center assists writers in the development of effective written communication, assignments, and professional documents.

One-on-one and small-group sessions are tailored to support students and build more accomplished writers in any type of written work, including:

  • Reflective writing; 
  • Proposals, reports, and reviews; 
  • Abstracts and manuscripts;
  • Personal statements; and,
  • CVs, resumes, and other professional writing documents.

Sessions are designed to help students: 

  • Understand assignment expectations; 
  • Generate, organize, and develop ideas; 
  • Analyze, synthesize, and argue; 
  • Summarize, paraphrase, and document sources; and, 
  • Recognize and revise issues with grammar and syntax.